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KIMONO use case

Nomura Holdings, Inc.

Global sponsor

200 days from the 2020 New Year Ceremony to the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games on the Tokyo Stock Exchange! ~ Is held. Secretary-General Muto Toshiro of the Oripara Organizing Committee attended, and 11 kimonos including 3 medalists added glamor to the ceremony.


Republic of Mali Kimono Project by Mari

Mali Sponsor

Let's create KIMONO in the Republic of Mali with the power of everyone who has "Mali" in their names, such as Marina and Himari from all over the country!


Harajuku Togo Memorial Hall

Republic of Togo

Togo Kinenkan ... "Because it's Togo ... Togo!"

TICAD7 was unveiled at the Kimono Show at the official banquet hosted by Prime Minister Abe of the Tokyo International Conference on African Development, and the leaders of the Republic of Togo were very pleased.


ANA Holdings Inc.

Cambodia sponsor

Used at the Phnom Penh International Airport Ceremony to celebrate the first flight between Narita and Phnom Penh.
The Cambodian Ambassador to Japan and VIPs from Cambodia also attended and became a bridge between the cultural and economic exchanges between the two countries.


H & N Wine Japan Co., Ltd.

Georgia sponsor

We received support from Georgia, which is said to be the origin of wine.


American Express Japan Co., Ltd.

United States sponsor

Kimono with all the state flowers of 50 states in the United States will be unveiled at the America-Japan Society's Gala Dinner and Independence Day parade in Los Angeles. The bond between the people of all states and this KIMONO was born.


GIFT from People with LOVE

Republic of Peru

The Peruvian Ambassador's wife attended the "Emperor's Birthday Tea Ceremony" at KIMONO in Peru. 2017/12/23

A chat with Noriko, Mako, and Yoshiko.

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